Journey to being back in size 6-7 clothing: Entry 1

Not too long ago I was in the gym 6 to 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day, I also maintained healthy eating habits.  That was my life style up until the last 2 years.  I went from wearing a sizes 6-7 clothing to wearing a size 10-11 clothing.  I know it may not seem much too some people, but the additional pounds are devastating to me.   I went from weighing between 150 – 155 pounds to weighing 198 – 201 pounds.

I have heard that saying that I might just be big boned, because I have always weighed more then it appeared.  It had nothing to do with my bones it was my muscle tone.  I started weight lifting at the age of 13 years old, trying to keep up with my brothers.  As time went on weight lifting it became an adrenaline rush.  To avoid looking like a little man I stopped lifting as much and found other activities that gave me that same rush.  I begin kickboxing, T’ai chi, intense spin class, Zumba, boot camp classes, and insanity classes to replace the weight lifting.   I am determine to fit back into size 6-7 clothing as part of my journey of creating myself at 50.

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